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Her Time Healthcare, LLC

Individualized Woman's Healthcare

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Complete Women's Care 

Healthcare needs come at all hours, regardless of what you have going on. Her Time Healthcare gets that. With flexible scheduling, telehealth throughout Florida, Insurance, and highly competitive cash prices, you can rest assured that your healthcare needs can be met in a timely manner and with cost in mind. Do you have questions about how healthcare can be different? Schedule your visit or Email me and we can discuss your care today!

Three generations of women

 Preventative/ Wellness Visits at Home 

Comprehensive Exam and Cervical Cancer Screenings (PAP) if needed

We bring the office to you! Whether it is your first visit, you have mobility issues, have small children, or just dread the cold sterility of the clinical setting, we can make the experience relaxing in the comfort and security of your home.

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Contraception/ Family Planning

Oral contraceptives, Nuva Ring,  and Depo-Provera Injections 

Oral contraception can be initiated or refilled via telehealth consultation or by home visit. A downloadable health history can help us determine your best options to ensure both your safety and success.

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 Problem visits

Common complaints such as Rashes, Allergies, and common Gynecological Complaints, Menstrual Complaints as well as Hormonal Changes

Most common complaints can be assessed and treated via telehealth. If you need to be seen in the office, we can schedule a convenient time. 

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For the safety of both you and I, at this time we are providing Telehealth and In-office appointments. If you are feeling ill, please call prior to coming in so we can make a plan that is safe for everyone. 

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About Me: Erin Etheridge-Bagley, CNM, APRN

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I graduated with my ASN from PBCC in 2005, BSN from FAU in 2007, and then a MS in Nursing Education in 2008. I was pursing a PhD in 2011 when I decided to return to practice and graduated from  University of Cincinnati in 2014 with a MSN as a CNM. I am currently finishing my PhD in Nursing. 


One of the main reasons I decided to open my own practice, was to be part of the shift of giving care back to women. Nobody should be without care due to cost, time, location, or fear. Be part of the solution and if you can't, see one, make one.

Philosophy of Care

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